The Eye Opener

This anti hangover warrior was first introduced to me by some friends who had discovered it after travelling around Canada. After many years of reincarnations its latest form is meat free but still pretty damn calorific. Excellent for when you’ve had too many lemonades the night before. If you are craving meat you can substitute all the meat free products for the real deal and if you don’t like black pudding try using a massive Portobello mushroom. This is the simplest of recipes for the withered post night out brain.

Serves 1


IMG_20170721_162439.jpgA bagel

Some meat free bacon (2 rashers)

Some Heinz baked beans (no other brand will do, go away Branston beans)

An egg

Meat free black pudding (yes, it exists!)

A few slices of cheese

A handful of fresh spinach leaves or rocket if you are feeling posh

This recipe is essentially a game of food Jenga.

  • Toast your bagel
  • Cut up your meat free black pudding into thickish slices and grill with the meat free bacon
  • Poach your egg (see Delia Smith for that)
  • Heat up your beans (you only need a few table spoons)
  • Now layer your bagel in the following order: black pudding, bacon, cheese, beans and spinach
  • Press down a little but not too hard! The egg will explode!
  • Then serve. Cover with HP sauce or whatever your poison is.
  • Best served with tea.

If you feel like getting jazzy and creating your own version, send me some pictures and I’ll feature them on my Facebook page!

Love and Peas x


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